Thank You!

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On behalf of Friends of English Avenue, we would like to personally thank you for volunteering your time at our Earth Day on English Avenue event. This 2-day community-wide beautification project could not have been a success without your help and the help of many others who volunteered their time.  We were able to engage close to 1,000 volunteers for this event!


Because of your efforts, we were able to make a tremendous impact in the 60-block neighborhood of English Avenue, to include:

  • Cleaning 26 streets in English Avenue community
  • Building (and painting) 25 flower boxes
  • Renovating the Elm Street House
  • Maintaining the English Avenue Urban Farm and Elm Street Urban Farm
  • Maintaining trees planted by Trees Atlanta
  • Maintaining the Lindsay Street Park
  • Assisting community residents’ homes
  • Partnering with 6 churches in the community to help with on campus beautification
  • Partnering with Lifeline Animal Project to create 25 environmentally friendly dog leashes and 20 kitty condos

Once again, Friends of English Avenue and the Captain Planet Foundation thanks you for your efforts and contribution of time at Earth Day on English Avenue! If you’d like to volunteer for future events, please email us at!

Thank you!

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