After-School Music and Tutoring Program


FEA has a number of upcoming plans focusing on education and after-school programming for English Avenue youth.

After-school Music and Tutoring Program


FEA proposes to purchase or lease, under favorable terms, the Kennedy Head Start Building from the Atlanta Public School System for the purpose of establishing a Community Education Center, addressing the needs of school age children from within the Greater Atlanta Community.  A small portion of the building will be offered as a community center, providing limited office and meeting space to Neighborhood groups, provided there is not a conflict with ongoing programming.

As primary consideration for the agreement, FEA will remodel and renovate the building, restoring the necessary infrastructure including HVAC, electrical, plumbing and so forth, making the building suitable for the intended purposes.

Further, FEA will provide funding for programming for after-school tutoring and mentoring as well as free music lessons for children who complete their homework. This center will provide resources for school age children, offering options, hope, and resources as a means of breaking the cycle of crime, poverty and disease that afflicts this once upstanding neighborhood. The project will serve as a model of public, corporate and philanthropic partnership for the betterment of our greater community.  The services will be open to any resident of the City of Atlanta, irrespective of need, subject only to capacity.

Performance Stage and Community Market


A beautiful shell of what once was St. Mark’s Church is located on the same block as the Kennedy Head Start Building. It was burnt out years ago, but the exterior walls still stand strong. It sits on the worst drug dealing corner in the city of Atlanta, if not the entire Southeast. FEA will put a canopy over the top and install a stage to serve as a performance area for the After-School Music and Tutoring Program. It will also be used as a community market where residents can sell their goods. Restoring this building will create a healthy gathering place to strengthen community bonds where there would otherwise be a vacant building attracting criminal activity.

Both of these buildings are in a pivotal area in a community that negatively affects every resident of Atlanta, which desperately needs investment and services.  Together, we have an invaluable opportunity to do something great!

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